Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Info. & Updates

A few things.....

*We most likely will not be coming "home" for the holidays. Kurt has to work the day before and the day after christmas, and the whole week following christmas. (insert sad face)

*If you recieve a christmas card from us and you are trying to figure out why I put the address labels on the back of the card and on the envelope........I was going to mail them in these cute clear envelopes, hence the mailing labels on the back of the card, BUT when I got to the post office they informed me that it would cost me .20 extra for each card to put it in a clear envelope. WHAT!!! Sorry, I couldn't fork out the extra postage and had to re label them and put them in regular envelopes.

*Update on Kurt's Bells Palsey condition. We have been very blessed, and he is completely back to normal. His face shows no signs of Bells Palsey. Very scary when it was happening, but very thankful for a complete healing. We were very lucky that he healed in a matter of just a couple of months. For some people, this can be a permanent condition.

*It is dumping snow right now. If anyone wants to come shovel our walks and our driveway, feel free.


Nelson said...

What a blessing that Kurt is completely healed!
Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.
Love the new family photo.

Cline said...

I’m so glad to hear that Kurt is better as well. I remember when my mom (Aunt Terry) had it. And as a child it was kind of scary to see your parent go through that!

Taylor's said...

Okay so who in the world took your family photo! It is just amazing!

Good for you for not forking out the extra money and I am so glad Kurt is back to his old self!

cort said...

So crappy about the whole Christmas thing, but when you make millions that is what you have to sacrifice. So happy to hear about Kurt's face n' stuff that is a miracle.

khepworth said...

Rie4Sunflowers: I should know who you are. Who are you. We must be related-Aunt Terry. Can't read your profile.

Taylor's: My friend, Rochelle, took the picture, and I did the editing. Thank you, Thank you.

Cort: Bwwaaahhaaaa! Did you say millions........we are so low on the totem pole, that we don't have a choice.

My Three Sons said...

First off...I LOVE your new family picture at the top of your blog...beautiful!

Sorry to hear about your post office problems...I wouldn't have know that either! But who wants to pay an extra .20 cents per card when postage is already so much?

Glad to hear your husband is doing better. What a blessing! Merry Christmas!!

The Kraus House said...

First: love the new picture, you guys are such a good lookin fam.

Second: Me sad you not come for Christmas.

Third: no I am not on drugs, just bored.

Luv nat

Brittney said...

Crap, I didn't know that about the clear envelopes. I ran out of normal envelopes so I mailed some out in those envelopes too. Guess I'll be getting some cards back...bummer!

Glad to hear that Kurt's back up to par.


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