Thursday, December 18, 2008

How To Cut An Onion

Kurt wanted to go work out the other night. Me using my wifey inginuity, told him that if he cut an onion for me to make dinner then he could go.
Having seen me cut onions before, looking like a linebacker with black mascara smudged about my eyes and reeking of onion for days, he did not want to fall victim to such torture.

Him: No Way! I don't want to smell like a sweaty onion while I'm working out.

Me: Ok, then you can't go. (Of course I still woulda let him go.)

Him: Fine! (Knowing that he couldda gotten away with it, but wanted to let me know that he really didn't want to do it.)

So I come into the kitchen to find him cutting an onion for me. Taking a different approach.....Kurt style.

Me: What are you doing!

Him: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm cutting an onion.

Me: What are you wearing?

Him: (explaining his apparati)

"Swim goggles- a must so as to protect the eyes from the onion sting and the watering of the eyes".


"Latex gloves- to shield the hands from the penetrating onion smell that lingers for days".

Me: (thinking to myself)

1. Okay, whatever it takes, just cut the onion.

2. Go find your real wife.

3. You do look kind of hot in your get-up.

What could I do but laugh and take a picture.


Taylor's said...

Awesome! My hubby uses his snowboarding goggles and latex gloves!

khepworth said...

Taylor's: Really! My husband isn't the only nut around? Awesome!

Rochelle said...

All I can say is that when I walked through the door and I saw Kurt standing there with his goggles on....well, you know the rest. I was hysterical with laughter! By now should I really even be surprised? Probably not but it was a great laugh nonetheless!

Danielle said...


Mandate said...

This made my day.
What a great problem-solver.
He and Mitch are a lot alike.

Nelson said...

Oops. Signed in the wrong account. Nezba is really me, katie.

Brittney said...

apparently never a dull moment in the hepworth household. Too funny!:)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Now the question is, will you be including that picture in you xmas cards next year? :)

Anonymous said...

Kurt- you my boy!!

Meridee said...

Kurt you rock!

Jon and Melissa said...

I'm a little embarassed to say, but I am with Kurt. Except I also lay down wax paper on the cutting board so I can just wrap it all up and throw it away!


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