Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We'd do anything (okay, almost anything......) to get together with our friends. Last Saturday, we pulled something together last minute and made it happen. We love rekindling old memories and seeing the progression of the years through our gray hairs, hard work, and kids.

The timing was perfect. Thomas was in town, and he and Lily stopped in for an eye exam with Dr. Hepworth and conjured up some plans for dinner. Then after charging Dr. Hepworth's cell phone we learned that Jon & Melissa were on their way to hang out. All the while, the Kraus family, was already in town for a "mini vacation". So, what better thing to do than to round up some take out and meet at the park for some good food, good conversation, and good friends.

1 comment:

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow you are good. You are what I like to call an expert blogger. My pictures are still on my camera.


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