Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tagged twice in one week!

I've been tagged by Brittany

1. Hearing my boys laugh
2. The peaceful feeling you get after accomplishing everything you set out to do in the day
3. Spending time with family and friends

1. Something happening to my children, i.e. abduction, freak accident, etc.
2. Encountering a perpetrator
3. Not being a successful mother

1. Figure out the equation for balancing husband, kids, church, and self
2. Learn to play the piano
3. Overcome my pesimistic, introverted, quiet self

Current Obsessions:
1. Couponing-seriously, it's an addiction
2. Chocolate-I can't get enough of it. It's a good thing we have like 70 lbs. of it
3. Mika-his music makes me happy

Random Surprising Facts:
1. One of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own-Simple Clogs: I've had them for 14 years and still wear them.
2. I never drink the milk out of my cereal bowl.
3. I love to play scrabble.

I'm tagging . . . Jessica S., Michelle H., & Danielle W.


Jacki said...

I never drink the milk out of my cereal bowl either. Just never had that inkling... :)

Christie said...

Hey just heard about your blog! Super cute;) Here's our

Brittney said...

Game ON!!! I'll challenge you to a scrabble match this weekend. I am afraid I'm losing my touch though. I lost the last two games I played with Matt. That's the first time I've lost two games in a row in our marriage. :(


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