Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy as a BEE!

The last month has been crammed with nothing but busy-ness, milestones, and fun!

Isaac turns S-E-V-E-N.
He decided that he wanted to have a water party and the only day we could do it was on a Saturday when Dad had to work. There were 12 kids and only one me. Definitely will make sure to recruit some help next time!This is my attempt at the sandcastle cake. Dani posted hers and I thought it would be perfect for the party. Needless to say, since there was just one of me, the thing got thrown together last minute. Didn't quite turn out how I envisioned. But the kids thought it was the coolest cake ever! (and that's all that matters, right?)

Owen graduates from Pre-School.
Miss Aida and Miss Cindy say that Owen is good at cleaning up, his speech has improved, he is the only one who eats all of his lunch almost everyday, and loves to play. Owen is so excited to be in kindergarten.

We just got back from Rexburg where we stayed for 5 days. It was a great, relaxing, productive trip. (I didn't have my camera, and the only pics I got were of the twins' baptism from my parents.) While there we were able to goto Little Wanton's wedding reception. And we were able to see K Harker too!

We hung out with family and friends and had a bon fire, sang songs, and roasted hot dogs. The night ended with a can of Garbonzo beans in the fire. They went BIG. It was MaSsiVE and GrAnDE. Well worth the wait.

The twins, Moki & Nohea, got baptized.
All the Aunties, Uncles and cousins on my side.

Our little family.

Daric blessed his baby, Micah Dominique and served some wicked jerk chicken at the luncheon.
We had both cars in town and we were able to get them both into the shop and fine tuned.
A great Rexburg trip!

Other items to note:
* 7 birthdays celebrated in May-G'ma & G'pa K, Moki & Nohea, Draekli, Isaac, & Krista.
*I planted my first garden ever! Who knew that weeds grow so fast. I am finding it to be a pain in the rear to keep up on. But it is fun seeing the seeds sprout. Hopefully I can keep it alive and growing.
*Within a month both Gavin and Owen hit their mouth/teeth on objects hard enough to knock them loose. Thus resulting in sporting the dead gray tooth until it falls out. Arrrgh.
*Isaac finished up the soccer season. Everyone's a WINNER! He never scored a goal all season, but is getting really good at being goalie and forward. This was his first time ever playing soccer.
*Mom had stamp club and helped Rochelle sell her flower clips at a craft fair.
*Isaac gets out of school June 4.
*G'ma & G'pa K fly back to Nauvoo, 4 days later (Friday) The Simkins family (Kurt's sister) will be coming to visit. 2 days after they leave Katie's friend Clarissa will be coming to visit. I love having visitors. Not only do we get to see great people, but my house gets cleaned.


Rochelle said...

You ARE a busy little bee! Don't wear yourself out though.

Clinton and Jessica said...

sorry we missed you guys in the burg! I left for spokane for 3 weeks while Clinton went away to an army school. next time we'll have to get together...

Jon and Melissa said...

It seems like everything happens at the same time doesn't it? Your cake was adorable-I love Family Fun. Seems like we always go to Rexburg at different times, hopefully one of these times we will catch ya there.

Anonymous said...

Life never seems to slow down. I love your family pic. Congratulations to Isaac for being such a little genius.

Kris said...

It was good to see you guys, I wished I could have stayed a bit longer but it was a crazy weekend for us! My mom said that she chatted with you for a while at the reception and said that it was fun to talk with you and Kurt. Thanks for the lotion by the way I did get it a while back but forgot to write and tell you, oh and thanks for the cute cards you didn't have to do that! Thanks again and have fun on your girls weekend, you have inspired me to make it a point to do that once a year now to convince my hubby :)


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