Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chocolate Ville U.S.A.

In conjunction with Kurt's earlier post, we have had chocolate coming out of our ears (and other orafaces) for the past 2 weeks! Every second I turn around Gavin is scarfing the stuff down. The kid just can't get enough. That goes for all my boys.

We have definitely put the chocolate to good use though. The neighborhood thinks we are the coolest EVER! We let them eat to their heart's content whenever they want to partake. We even had a pinata and filled it to the brim for Isaac's b-day (since it was such a hot day, that idea wasn't really the smartest idea I've ever had, but the kids loved it). We send gallon size bags home with visitors and even try to force them to take an extra bag for their friends. We have TONS. And I mean TONS! Disgusting isn't it? For Kurt, this really is a dream come true. The guy would hook a chocolate I.V. up to his vein if he could.

If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by, we'll hook you up! I had to post pics so Kurt could look back on this and remember the GREATEST DAY EVER!

Kurt squeeeeeling with delight!

The deliver'ers of a dream come true!

Seriously deliciously disgusting isn't it?

This basket alone weighed 30 pounds!
It's hard to tell from the pictures how big the mounds of chocolate really are. Let's just say, they are really big mounds of chocolate!
Thanks Guys for thinking of Kurt!


Brittney said...

wow...feel free to bring some of the stash out to Atlanta. I'm sure we could polish it off...YUMMY!

The Haley Family said...

oh my goodness!~ My boys would be in complete heaven, and so would Matt! That is SO MUCH candy! YUM!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Kurt doesn't lose his womanly figure after all those calories. Maybe he should have gone into dentistry.

Rochelle said...

Isn't weird how you guys have only lived here a year and the word has spread about Kurt's love of chocolate? Actually, I am surprised Tyler makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Kate says you guys are going to get chocolate fever from eating so much chocolate. Better watch out.

cort said...

Do you think there is enough left to melt in the bathtub and engulf my whole body in it? I have been wanting to do that for a while now. What's Kurt up to now like 135?


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