Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jazz It Up!

Remember in my last post how I told you Kurt and I went to the Jazz game. Well, our Jazz trips deserve a post in themselves. You see we have these awesome friends, Kent and Sarah. They are the nicest people ever. They are fun to hang out with and the conversation is never dry when they are around. We enjoy their company and have been friends with Sarah since High School. Well, they have basically made Kurt's year simply just by picking up the phone. They could call anyone they want, but we were the fortunate ones on two very delightful occasions. Kent and Sarah

Our most current call came on "The Best Day Ever". "Hey, we have some extra tickets to the game, do you want to go?" Even though we had other plans, had to find a sitter, and had a short amount of time to make it happen; we of course made it happen without hesitation. Did I mention that the tickets they have are in one of the suites where they wine you and dine you?
We had a blast this night! Sarah invited Roch, our other chum, to come along (Dee, we missed you). Us girls chitty chatted and loved having no kids around. Kurt was in his own realm loving every minute of it.
Sarah, Me, Roch

While watching the game someone pointed out that President Monson was there. He had some pretty sweet seats a couple of rows behind the announcers table. After the game he was swarmed with people. He took some time to shake hands, sign autographs, and talk to people. It was quite a sight. I wish I would've went down and got closer.
This is an awful picture. My camera doesn't zoom for anything.
President Monson shaking hands as he is trying to exit through the tunnel.
Sarah and Kent, thanks for such a great night. You guys ROCK!


Anonymous said...

No, you guys Rock! We love spending time with the Hepworths. There is nothing better than good friends, good food and good entertainment to make all your worries go away.

My Three Sons said...

How fun! That is one thing we really miss about Utah is the Jazz games. We loved going!

Also....no, I don't sell Modbe, I'm just hosting a party for a girl up here. I'm sure she would love your sales! If you want anything, let me know! My party is on Thursday :)

Meridee said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could've been there.

Anonymous said...

WAHHHH! (That is me whining in jealousy.)

Brittney said...

How fun! When we lived in Utah, we loved to go to the games. I have never cared for any other team since. I miss it!

emily b. said...

You gals are hot! Miss you!


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