Saturday, March 29, 2008

The best day ever!

Friday, Kurt and I had the best day ever.

First, Kurt took Friday off from work. That in itself is a great day.

Then Kurt's sister watched our kids so that we could go on a hot date. Free babysitting is always a great thing. We got up early and went to the temple and had a really pleasant time there. Then we went out to lunch and then home. It is rare for us to go out by ourselves. By the time we pay for a sitter and pay for our night out, it leaves us eating ramen for the next week. So it just doesn't happen very often. Ok, just kidding about the ramen, but the frozen chimi's and ketchup just don't cut it. Ha! Once again kidding. Ok, it doesn't leave us that destitute. Did I mention that we are still living on a student's income?

Once we got home, we took naps. Thus making our great day even greater. Then we woke up and were about to take the kids to a movie when our friend Sarah called and said she had some extra tickets to the Jazz game. Frick ya! We were all over that. So we called Kurt's other sister to watch our kids so we could go. With such little notice, she was happy to watch the kids-we owe her big time! She told Isaac and Owen they could spend the night, and they were ecstatic.

We went to the Jazz game and had a grand time. The Jazz creamed the Clippers. On the way to Kurt's sisters to pick up Gavin she calls and says, Just leave Gavin here overnight. He's aslseep. So we did!

Free babysitting, awesome morning date with my spouse, naptime, Jazz game, the best night of sleep that I've gotten in 2 years=THE BEST DAY EVER!


Kris said...

Wow I'm so jealous! where can I get family like that, j/k I think if I lived close to my fam they'd do stuff like that for me. Well I thought my date was nice on friday but I think you win! I'm glad you got some nice sleep, isn't it wonderful?

Danielle said...

okay, jealous. BEst that you were away with kids, Better you were away w/out kids and with husband. And if you think things change with date night killing the budget, it doesn't you just find more bills to compensate for the extra money, hehehe.

Heidi said...

Hey I just saw your blog on J & N Lee's blog-I can't believe you guys have three kids & that old. And you must be almost done w/school. Congrats. In case your wondering who's stalking it's used-to-be Heidi Bauer from Ricks long ago. Fun to catch up on you guys.

The Clark said...

does kurts sister want to keep my kids overnight??????


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