Monday, March 17, 2008

Owen turns 5!

Yesterday we celebrated Owen Kai's 5th birthday. His birthday fell on a good weekend. Kurt's cousin got married so lots of family was in town and able to attend the birthday celebration. We started the day out by going to stake conference. Not even 3 minutes after it had started Owen was asking if it was over yet. After suffering a much dreaded 2 hour meeting (of course I'm referring to Owen, I really enjoyed the meeting), it was time to go home and get our party on! I whipped up a big 'ol feast for 14-which turned out super yummy! Then we did cake, ice cream, and presents! Owen got a power ranger which morphs into an elephant, some birthday money, a baseball mitt and ball that Gavin refuses to let anyone play with, and the coolest toy ever-A cyber Stompin' Transformer-Bumble Bee. I have to admit, it is a pretty cool toy. We had a great weekend and Owen really loved turning 5.

Some of our favorites from the archives:
Halloween 2005 -Shazaam!

Owen is a thumb sucker, always seemed to have a bruise on his forehead, and has the longest eyelashes!

Batman phase

Easter Sunday 2006

Trying out Dad's glasses
A little insight on Owen. He is one cool kid with a unique personality! He is very independent and you will often find him playing by himself doing his own thing. He chooses not to play with the group. He came into this world very quickly. We left our house for the hospital at 5:05 p.m. and he was born at 5:21 p.m. I swear it was the quickest delivery ever known at Madison Memorial. (aside from the lady who never made it inside and delivered right there on the grass-fortunately I did make it to my room.) The kid could live off of ham and cheese sandwiches for the rest of his life. He is fascinated with smelling things. I don't know his theory behind this one. I guess if it smells good, then it is a good thing; he will proceed. If it is a smell he doesn't like, he backs off. Common logic right? He is obsessed with giving his dad a hug and a kiss every morning before he leaves for work. If dad doesn't wake him up before he leaves it's game over for the whole day! Seriously, the kid will cry for hours. He loves sticky things. Like tape or stickers. Things that stick to his fingers. It is a comfort thing for him. Whenever he has something sticky he automatically sucks his thumb. It's weird I know. It's just one of his many little quirks. I could go on and on.....Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!!


Brittney said...

What a cutie and them eyelashes are to die for! I'd never heard about your quick delivery. That actually sounds kind of nice to get it over so fast but I'd imagine it was pretty scary too.

Rochelle said...

Happy birthday Owen!
I will forever be envious of your eyelashes. Hugs,

Sam said...

You guys have cute kids!! Unfortunately they look a bit like their father. Where are you guys now? Is Kurt completely finished yet? Or is he still completing his fellowship? Collette and I are in Colorado. I fix people's teeth for a living now, and things are going well for us.

khepworth said...

Sam, it's nice to see you've come out of the closet. hee hee hee, the cyber closet that is.


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