Friday, March 28, 2008

This morning as Kurt and I left the house for our hot date he says to me:

Kurt: "There's a pretty good chance that I'm wearing a pair of your socks today."

Me: "What do you mean a pretty good chance?" "Did you get them out of your drawer or my drawer?"

Kurt: "Let me rephrase that. There's about a 100 percent chance that I'm wearing a pair of your socks today."

Me: "Are you serious? Which ones?"

He lifts up his pants and shows me.

Kurt: "All of my socks are dirty, But these are the most comfortable socks ever!"

Me: "That's because they are my boarding socks."

Thinking internally to myself....Or they were my boarding socks. I'm pretty sure you can just keep them now.

Kurt: "Ya, they are so soft, and they are just comfortable."

Me: "You're weird."

Kurt: "By weird you mean Awesome, right?"

Me: "Yes, Honey, by weird I mean Awesome."


Rochelle said...

Weird is the new awesome. At least that's what everyone tells me....

Brittney said...

Too funny. What's next...your dresses?!? Kurt's awesome!

Jacki said...

You guys crack me up.

Meridee said...

Kurt is so funny.

ashleyboice said...

is it weird that cortney and I share socks...and always have. He has small feet, and I don't really care if the heel is up past my ankle.

khepworth said...

Ash, I guess it's not that weird to share your hubby's socks. We just never have. His feet are twice as big as mine and he stretches them out. Then they are no good to me.

emily b. said...

I steal Cody's socks all the time & he gets so mad. the other day Carson busted me, but followed it up by saying "mom when I get big you can wear my socks."


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