Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last Thursday we braved the winter storms and headed to Rexburg for Grandma Pearl's funeral. I started off the first leg of driving, but the weather soon turned bad. I don't know if you know this about me, but I have a fear, a true fear, of being in a major car accident/and or dying in a car. As I was driving Kurt was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him. It was then and there that I decided to face my fear and push through the storm. It wasn't long before Kurt woke up wandering why we were going 30 miles an hour. He patiently waited 30 minutes or so and finally said, "Honey, I think it's great that your facing your fear; but let me drive! So I did, and the rest of the way there (2 hours) I was on edge.

Grandma's funeral was a happy event. Of course we were sad to see her go, but we were happy that she was able to rejoin her husband. It was also a happy event to see all of the family together. It was and awesome sight! The legacy this one woman and man left behind was amazing. Together they had 10 children, from those 10 children came 70 grandchildren, and from those grandchildren to date there are 123 great grand children. (To give you an idea: Kurt has 62 1st cousins. I have 5. Is that insane or what?!) This was the first and probably the last time that everyone will be together like that. It truely put into perspective multiply and replenish the earth, and rejoice in your posterity.

This is a picture of Kurt's dad with all 9 of his brother's and sisters. He is number 6 in line. They are all lined up oldest to youngest.

This is a picture of the luncheon after the funeral. We were packed into the gym and the overflow. We estimated that there were over 230 people there.

While we were in Rexburg, the snow just kept coming. When we left to go back home on Sunday, we found the roads to be really icy. My "car" fear got the worst of me. I didn't have to say anything. Kurt made the decision that we were turning around and that we were getting new tires on Monday. We got to Shelley, turned around and headed back for Rexburg. We ended up staying another night and headed back on Monday. Thank goodness it was sunny and the roads were clear.

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