Friday, December 7, 2007

Flashback Friday

My Wedding Rings

**Sorry pictures are so awful. My camera isn't that great and does an awful job at closeups. At least you get an idea of what they look like. The next time our paths cross, be sure to ask and I'll show ya!

When most people get married, the traditional way of doing the wedding ring is the girl usually gets a wedding band set. One band is usually the engagement ring, and the other band comes on the big wedding day.

Kurt and I went the non-traditional route.

My engagement ring:
Kurt made my engagement ring. Using a real silver quarter dated 1949. Quarters with a date prior to 1950 were made of real silver. Trying to find one posed a challenge. For months the hunt was on for a silver quarter. I believe that he got "THE" quarter from Darren Chugg. (Yes, we went to school with him.) Once he got his hands on the quarter, he began tapping the outer edges of it with a metal spoon for over a month. Tap, Tap, Tapping. As you tap the edges, they began to flatten and widen. After a month or so, he had it tapped down to where it looked like a band, but the middle needed to have a hole put in it and filed out. Drilling holes into US coins is illegal BTW. He drilled a start hole and began filing it out until it was big enough for my finger and was smooth. How he got the exact measurement of my finger, I don't know. But it's a perfect fit.

If you look at the inside of my ring, you can see the words, "United States of America" "Quarter Dollar" on one side and on the other side when you flip it over you can see "Liberty" and "1949". When looking at it on my finger it looks just like a silver band. You would never know it was made from a quarter unless you looked at the inside of it.

I absolutely love it! I especially love the fact that Kurt made it. It is a cool ring.

My Wedding Ring:
Most couples go ring shopping together. Kurt and I went to a couple of shops together, but nothing caught my eye. Because of our time restrictions, I living in AZ and he in ID, visiting only a couple of times; we never found "THE" ring. Before I was to head back to AZ I went to the mall with my mom and my sister. I went and was checking out rings trying to find one I liked. Well, I found the ring I liked and tried to memorize it the best I could to describe it to Kurt. I decscirbed it to Kurt and that was it. I left it in his hands to try to find it, as I had to go back to AZ.

He told me that he got me a ring, but wasn't quite sure if it was the ring I described. When I got back into town for the wedding, he wouldn't let me see the ring. Was it the ring I wanted, was it some ring he picked out thinking it was the ring I wanted and it wouldn't be "THE" ring? The torture! The night before the wedding he brought the ring over in a red satin satchel, just to torture me even more. He still wouldn't let me see it! The wedding day came and the time finally came for us to exchange rings. From his pocket he took out the red satin satchel which housed my ring, and pulled the ring out and put it on my finger. Since we were in the Temple, I had to keep my happiness to a minimum. I was so surprised! Nervous and surprised. Just being able to see what your wedding ring looks like was a surprise in itself, but when I saw it was the ring I had picked out I was even more surprised. It was the right size, the right color, right everything.
So surprised, So HAPPY!


Anonymous said...

I love this Friday Flashback!! What great memories you share! I am learning more about you and Kurt! Thanks for sharing, and I can't believe neither Brian and I hadn't heard or seen the rings before!!??


Clinton and Jessica said...

I love your ring story! I think its very romantic and pretty awesome. and by the way...Darren Chugg...married to Stephanie Chugg? Yeah, we have a couple by those names in our ward. Cute family. He's a pharmacist at Safeway. Same guy?

Rochelle said...

Ahhhhhhhh...I thought that you didn't know that Kurt got you A ring not THE ring.

The Clark said...

great story kanan. i like your flashbacks. i need to inspect that ring when i see you next. i vaguely remember kurt working on it.

and thanks for the reminder that darren chugg (aka dirty) exists. we were alphabetical neighbors throughout jr high & high school so i always sat by him. jessica - tell him rachel clark says hi would ya?

khepworth said...

I can't remember who Darren married. Jes, the next time you see him ask him if he went to Madison and if he knows us. If it's him, say, "Dirty Dude, what's up?"

The Clark said...

i bet it's him b/c i THINK i remember that he was going to be a pharmacist. how many darren chugg's can there be????

Brittney said...

I didn't know that about your rings. How sentimental. Kurt is a creative guy (no matter what the high school art teacher would say)!


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