Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Make Up Tip

Ladies this one's for you!

Year after year, I find myself looking the same. You know how you get stuck in a rut and you can't seem to change it? Well I am starting to want to change up my look by changing up my makeup. My hair-that's a different story. But I've used the same makeup since Highschool. And I am finally starting to branch out.

For my birthday last year, Kurt bought me some MAC makeup. Just a couple of itmes as he quickly found that his dollar didn't go very far.


About a month ago, I bought some Bare Essentuals, Bare Minerals Makeup. I really like it and am happy with my purchase. I also splurged and bought a brush that was double tipped. One end was for applying eyeshadow, and with the other end you can use it to apply eyeliner. The cost of this one brush.......lets just say, I could take my family of 5 out for a nice dinner for the price of this one brush.....I have heard that good brushes are key. But good brushes are like major money. Money that I don't have right now.

Well, my friend Kristina had a link on her blog that I thought was fabulous. An awesome tip for any girl who really can't afford nice makeup brushes. So check this out. I may have to give it a try. This guy ain't no Burke Daniel, but at least he knows his stuff. I think I may be asking Santa for some MAC eyeshadows for Christmas.


Clinton and Jessica said...

Awesome tip. thanks for sharing. I too am always stuck in routine and frustrated with the same old same old. I'll have to add that to my wish list for Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Love the video! I love Mac eyeshadow, it is my one big makeup splurge. I also feel stuck in a rut. I'm getting a new haircut and color for my birthday, and I might just have to treat myself to some new makeup. I have a couple of the art brushed he recommended already, so I'll have to try them out and let you know if they really work as good.


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