Monday, December 10, 2007

Vinz and Bittney (as Owen says it)

Vincent, Brittany and Kalea came to visit for the weekend.

Of course it snowed the whole time they were here. Vince went out and built a Picachu (Pokiman) snowman with Isaac, Owen, and the neighbors.

We ventured out during the storm and within 1 block of our street we saw 3 car wrecks. We decided not to go far and headed to Bucca di Bepppo for some grub. The next day I watched Kalea while Vince and Brittany went shopping. Seriously, she's like the best baby ever!
Since it was stormy the first night they were here, we put off going to Temple Square to see the lights for the next night. Well, it was storming then too. We went anyways. It was jam packed with people. But the lights were beautiful. This was our first time ever seeing the lights at Temple Square.

After walking around in the freezing cold, we came home and played a mean game of SkipBo and ate pie and ice cream. We had a fun time with Vince and Britt and we're glad they came to visit!


Brittney said...

Tell Vinz and Brittney hello for me. Brittney and and my little sister Jenna were good friends early in high school.

Anonymous said...

We had SO much fun down in Utah with you guys! Thank you so much again for letting us stay with you. We can't wait to see you again around Christmas.


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