Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update tidbits:

*While in Rexburg we went to Leo's Place in Idaho Falls with Kade, Nat, and the kids. We got to meet their newest edition, Harper. He sure is a handsome little fella!

*We also hung out at Helena's house along with Vince, Brittany & Kalea, and Troy & Draekli. It was nice getting together with my family, even though our numbers seem to be little this year. I forgot and left my camera at home. I wished I got a picture. It isn't often that we are all together.

*The first snowfall of the season happened yesterday. Gavin couldn't get enough. Poor little guy, he took his gloves off and cried for about an hour because his hands were so cold.

*The stress of the holidays is starting to set in. I am slowly climbing out of a mountain of paperwork. Hopefully I will get it all wrapped up so I can get some other stuff done.

*I have been burning cd's for our primary for 3 consecutive days. I am getting really sick of it. Only 50 more to burn.....

*Isaac wrote his first ever 1 page book report on "Snakes are Reptiles". I don't remember writing reports like this when I was in first grade.

*Kurt has been going in early to work (6:30 a.m.) for seminars and ground rounds. He is also working every Saturday but 1 this coming month. He worked every Saturday but 1 in November too.

*We got our christmas tree up and decorated!


Rochelle said...

My Ella just looked at the picture of Kade and Natalie's family and said, "Hey, that is the other Ella from Canada." She cracks me up. She can't go to the bathroom by herself yet she remembers someone she met months and months ago and yesterday she was telling me what an Ipod was. Go figure.

The Clark said...

thanks for the pic of kade & nat. i hope one day i am as cool as they are.

i don't think i even knew she was pregnant. congrats if you read this k&n!



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