Friday, November 23, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving we went to Rexburg to spend the holiday with Kurt's family. It wouldn't be a Rexburg Thanksgiving without the traditional Turkey Bowl (in freezing cold weather). Whenever we are in town, it always seems like all the Hepworth's and the Mounts' get together for some football fun. This year some of the Zollinger's joined in along with friends of friends. Paul Weimer and Kade Kraus even came and got their game on.

As tradition would have it, we headed over to the old Tabernacle to hear Nan, Papa, Katie, Krista, and Dru sing in the Turkey Choir. We go every year we are in town.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast. Gavin ate himelf to sleep, and we were able to enjoy a quiet afternoon. I always, as does Kurt, enjoy spending time with his family. They are a fun bunch to be around. We enjoy sitting and talking all night long.

The Thanksgiving weekend wouldn't be complete if you didn't wake up at 4:30 a.m. to do some "Black Friday" shopping. Yes, I along with Kurt's sister Krista, got up at the crack and headed to the local WalMart. I do believe we are CRAZY!

The day after Thanksgiving (today), we took the boys to the Sled Shed to do some rock climbing. The boys loved it! I climbed a couple of times, and learned that I am still afraid of heights. I also learned that I am a wuss and am totally out of shape. Oh, and don't go climbing in clogs. Paul Weimer was there with his wife, Angela. It was really nice to see them and visit. Jaxon was also working and it was nice of him to let us bring the boys in for some fun.

Tonight we are hooking up with my side of the family at my sisters house house. It is weird not having my parents here in town. We usually get 2 Thanksgiving dinners in one day. Not this year.


The Clark said...

fun to see paul & jax & kade on here. i'm jealous you got to see them. and p.s. your butt isn't supposed to look so cute in that harness!

My Three Sons said...

Looks like Thanksgiving was fun! We usually spend it down in Rexburg too, and the freezing cold is always ridiculous. I can hardly stand walking from my car into the grocery store so I don't know how all those guys can play football for hours! That's true dedication!

Rochelle said...

Looks like you had more fun than I did. I was the mean aunt yelling at my neices and nephews all weekend. Me and Tyler were informed that we are "buzzkills". Well what do they expect when there kids are hooligans! Ha ha. Hope they don't read this! I still believe that we did not see one person that we knew at Wal-mart. David Gumke....paging David Gumke.


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