Friday, November 30, 2007

Flashback Friday-Christmas Overalls

It was our Senior year of High School. Kurt and I had just made ourselves an official couple 2 months prior to Christmas. As Christmas time was approaching the big question arose, "What do I get Kurt for Christmas." I'm sure Kurt must have asked himself the same thing. Since it was our first christmas as "a couple" I wanted to get him something good. I in return had high expectations of his gift to me.

When the big day arrived, I was at home with my family and he was at home with his. I saved the best for last-Kurt's present to me, his girlfriend. (aaaahhh, insert sigh) My family was there and just as anxious as I was. I tore into the wrapping paper, and removed the lid from the box to find what I thought were a pair of jeans. To my surprise, as I removed them and held them up, it wasn't a pair of jeans; but a pair of overalls. Now these weren't just any overalls. They were Dickies in brand and they were of a dark denim color. They had shiney gold button fasteners, adjustable straps, and a frickin' 52 INCH WAIST!

Seriously? Seriously! I thought it was funny that my hunny was trying to be funny. Now where's my real present?! Tell me I did not just buy you a Redsand hoodie and Guess cologne to get a pair of overalls with a 52 inch waist as a christmas present from my boyfriend!

Well Kurt was serious (bless his heart), and this was my Christmas present. I have to say that I was disapointed in the fact that he thought this was good present for his new girlfriend. I never told him at the time that I couldn't believe that he seriously gave me a pair of oversized overalls. The style at this time was baggy pants sagged down to your butt, with your wallet chain flopping around at your side. I guess the "baggy" overalls were cool in his minds eye. As his girlfriend I got over it. I did flatter him and I have no idea why, but I wore those overalls to school one day. That was the only time I wore them. He thought they were so cool and that I was so cool for wearing them. I'm sure Kurt was getting multiple fist pounds from his friends for buying such an item.

Note to any male readers: DO NOT buy your wife or girlfriend overalls-EVER!

These are the actual overalls. As you can see, Lisa and Katie each fit in one leg with no problem.


The Clark said...

funny! i cringe every time i see pictures of me in overalls! so ugly.

Rochelle said...

kurt, kurt, kurt. bless his heart indeed and yours even more for wearing them.

Andy and Lynne said...

that was the funniest story, i loved it! thanks for making my day!!

jenhirr said...

Holy Crap! Kanani, that's funny. I once had a boyfriend that bought me a present (I saw it in his car) a good present even, for some reason he NEVER actually gave it to me.

How are you? Jennica

Kris said...

That is too funny, Cory and I love reading your flash backs with Kurt. Thanks for the laughs!

Brittney said...

Too funny-and you still married him?!? Britt

cort said...

love those badical pics!!!


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