Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday-Wanna Be Artist

Back in the day, Kurt had a strong personality which not everyone could appreciate, you loved him or hated him... and so it was. This held true particularly among those in the Art Department at Madison High School.

In his sophmore year he took an art class. His art teacher was an older lady, small in stature, and quiet in tone. Yet when push came to shove she could shoot her venom like a king cobra being harrased by Steve Erwin, the Crocadile Hunter. Her personality was a little too subdued for Kurt, and Kurt's personality a little too stong for her.

Throughout the semester Kurt did all the drawing assignments assigned by this art teacher. Kurt, however, was not an artist; and bless his heart he totally sucked at it. He usually got low scores, but not because of lack of effort. He was just simply sub par. So Kurt did as he alway did to make the best out of the class trying to help the "stuffy art buffs" appreciate the other fine things of life, such as the art of performing a "wooley mammoth" on your buddy or giving the principal a wedgee (which is a true story by the way). He would also attempt to keep spirits high in an otherwise dreary setting by rallying the class together when they should have been working, and he charmed them (especially the ladies) with his witty personality.

One day towards the end of the semester, the art teacher gave the class a drawing assignment to draw a picture of their feet. Kurt claims he honestly did his best, but like I said earlier, though his intentions were noble, he still blew at art. When the teacher saw his finished picture she was fumed! For it was the worst picture she had ever seen! She accused Kurt of pricking around and putting no effort into the assignment, which was not the case. The poor kid literally drew like a damn first grader, I kid you not.

She pulled Kurt aside and said in a smug soft voice, "You are on the verge of not passing my class (to his surprise), and I see that you have a ceramics class from me next semester. I will make you a deal and pass you, but you have to promise not to take ceramics from me next semester!"

What would you have done? We'll I'll tell you what Kurt did. He thought about it for .5 seconds and he was gone. He took the deal and never returned to take an art class from this teacher again.

And so it is to this very day, Kurt still stinks at art. It was never meant to be, and he is okay with that. For now he will admire Monet, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh from afar and think back to his days as a wanna be artist at Madison High School.

Bobcats Rule!


Rochelle said...

Which teacher are you talking about and which principal did he give a wedgie to? Funny. Hey....waiting for those wheeler farm pictures! hint hint

The Clark said...

1. I didn't know anyone hated Kurt.

2. Mrs. Hamilton (right?) ruined my artistic abilities too. And I actually had some, but she shot them to you know where. She is artistic, but never understood the art of teaching.

C Harker said...

That story was beautifully told Kanani. I am sitting in craniofacial growth and development class which IS as exciting as it sounds. Thanks for the laugh.

khepworth said...

Cory that's you sitting in class, not Kristin right?


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