Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Simple Pleasure

We haven't had a video membership in 4 years. After living the life of starving students, we had to let go of our weekend fun of renting videos. Since we have moved here to Utah, we have discovered a simple pleasure that brings the Hepworth's joy. It's called the Redbox. No membership needed. All that is required is $1. It is the sweetest thing. We had heard of the Redbox and walked by them a thousand times, until Kurt finally stopped and tried it out. Now, it's the only place we'll go. So what's the dealio?

You pick the movie title you want to rent. They do have new releases. Swipe your debit/credit card, and out pops your movie. The catch, if you want to call it that: They put a $10 hold on your card until you return it. The movies are $1 each (even new releases), and are due back to any redbox by 7 p.m. the following night. For every extra day you keep it, it is $1 per night. I think after 25 days, they just charge your card $25 and you get to keep the dvd. They don't have every new release, but they do have a lot of the good ones.

So, for the price it costs you to rent it at a video store, you can get it for cheaper at the Redbox. I guess it helps having a Redbox close by. It makes it an easy drive. Most McDonalds have them as well as most Walmarts.
Not too bad right? We give the Redbox 5 stars. If you haven't tried it out yet, you should!


ashleyboice said...

I love love redboxes. The best part is you can return them anywhere. When I drive home to Washington almost every stop I make the mcdonalds or albertsons has a redbox so we rent some new dvd's to watch in the car. It is the best.

Rochelle said...

so me and Ty thought redbox was the dumbest idea anybody had ever come up with when they first came out. we were like, "those poor suckers that invested all that money into a stupid red box! ha ha". now whose laughing? not us obviously since we rent there as well and every single time we go there is always a line of people. go figure.


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