Monday, November 19, 2007

Wheeler Farm

We couldn't have chosen a better day to goto Wheeler Farm. The weather was awesome, and the trees were twinkling with leaves of golden yellow. Kurt got off early and even joined Rochelle, the kids, and I. The kids had a hayday checking out all of the animals and playing pooh sticks. We even got to milk 'Ol Bessy. It was our first time milking a cow!

After our day of fun, we decided to end it by going to McDonald's to eat. After we finished eating I went to dump our tray in the trash can. Next to the trash can was this little sassy blonde girl, about 7 years old, standing there. She muttled something to effect of "You can't put that here." I just smiled at her. And then out of her dirty little sassy faced mouth she rolls the words M-O-R-O-N off of her dirty little tongue. I was so completely shocked and apalled that I just walked away. Couldn't believe it!


celeste said...

Hey Kurt and Kanani this is Celeste (Olveda) Collette.... I found your blog through another blog...haha anyways.... I just wanted to say hi. Hope to hear from ya soon.

Rochelle said...

Finally! I have been waiting. That was a fun little jaunt. Maybe we will bump into little sassy girl with the dirty face and the dirty mouth again!


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