Thursday, August 2, 2007

What next!

Tonight Owen is on a rampage.....

First it was white sticky rice with peas and carrots shoved into his mouth as much as it could possibly hold and shot all over the kitchen machine gun style.

After being sent to his room, he took all the baby wipes out of the container and threw them all over his bedroom. (a brand new pack)

Then he and Isaac made a "magic potion" in the bathroom sink which consisted of 1/2 a bottle of hand sanitizer, 1/4 bottle of lotion, and any liquid soap they could squeeze out of the bottle all mixed with water. To top it off, Gavin thought he would test it out by drinking it. He ralphed up the concoction which consisted mostly of lotion chunks.

What next???

Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhh he has fallen asleep and should be out for the night. YESSSS!

1 comment:

Rochelle said...

Any minute you are going to be translated.....hang on until then!


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