Saturday, August 4, 2007

Here's what's next!

So Isaac gets out a brand new bag of cereal, Golden Puffs. You know the huge 2 pound bags that you get at Walmart.

I say, "Isaac, Please don't get that cereal out we just finished breakfast."
He says, "But I'll eat it in the kitchen."

I go about my business.
Before you know it, I hear the sound of hundreds of little pieces of Golden Puffs cereal being dumped out onto the floor! Gaving got a hold of the bag. Of course this all happens just after I finished cleaning and sweeping the kitchen floor.

I swear this is the story of my life. I just took the car to the car wash and cleaned and vacuumed it out. And wouldn't you know it the very next day, not even 24 hours later, Owen spills his crackers. All the crumbs from the bottom of the box end up on my newly vaccuumed car seats. Couldn't he have waited at least 24 hours? Or how about everytime I clean my bathroom without fail one of the boys always misses the toilet. But it only happens when I clean. I don't know what it is, but I can always guarantee that whenever I put time and effort into cleaning or making something look better, there will always be spilled milk, mud tracked in, or cereal everywhere! I can't take my eyes of the little guys for even a second.


C Harker said...

I'm sorry I haven't written any thing back to you yet. We didn't notice you had written a comment on our blog. So I don't know how long it's been up there. any way CONGRATS to Kurt with Graduation! How exciting. I can't wait for our four years of Dental school to be over with. I'm gonna have 5 kids by then, kidding, no way!Well I'm glad you found us on here because I've been thinking of getting in touch with you guys to see what is up and where you are at. Hey I see you are totally in to stampin up, so am I. I'm not a demonstrator but I do it as a hobby. My friend here sells it.
So I have to tell you this story really quick and then I'm done. So just today I went to the store and saw a guy that looked so much like Kurt, I had to take a double take on him. I ended up accidentally following him down each isle of the store and he reminded me so much of your hubby. except the funny thing was he was way white trash and swore and had tattoos so he was like the white trash version of Kurt. It was pretty funny! Any way keep in touch.

khepworth said...

Kristin, would have loved to have seen the WT version of Kurt.


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