Sunday, June 8, 2014

{Happy Birthday Finn}

Finn turned 2 today!  When we got him out of bed this morning he didn't want to eat, and just wanted to lay down.  He wasn't feeling well.  He was feverish too.  He is getting his back molars in and I think this is what's causing his sickness (at least I hope that's what it is).  I told Owen it was his lucky day and that he got to stay home from church and watch Finn.  He was on board for that.  When I left he was sleeping.  I came back to check on him after sacrament meeting.  He woke up and I gave him some medicine and a few bites of bread, and then he went back to sleep.  I went back to church.  When I got home from church he woke up and signed that he wanted to eat.  So I fed him and he ate a lot.  He seemed to be feeling much better.  When Kurt got home from his bishopric duties, we had a small birthday celebration.  I took his picture with the same set up as his one year old birthday picture, we sang, ate his donut cake, and opened presents.  He was fine for it all and about 20 minutes after we were done he was laying on the floor again.  Not feeling well.  I put him back to bed.  Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.  I always worry when he gets sick, because when he gets sick, he really gets sick.

You would never know he was sick from looking at this picture.

First and 2nd birthday comparison.  He could barely sit up on his own in his one year picture.
Waiting for Dad to light the candles.
Got a little help to blow out the candles 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

-is crawling and pulling up, but not walking independently
-dares to venture off the blanket and onto the grass and cement
-can climb up stairs, but not go down them
-can say:  shh, bite, up, bye, da da, ball, book, dog, cat, mmm
-signs:  mom, milk, dad, water, more, cookie, cracker, all done, eat, drink
-knows how: fold arms, vroom car, give kiss, brush hair, wave, jump, ssss for snake
-loves to wave and laugh
-gives great hugs and pats your back when doing so
-is learning that when you cry you get a reaction
-happy go lucky

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