Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Weekly Randomness}

*I ran 10 miles for the first time ever in my entire life.  And I survived.  And I wasn't crazy sore the next day.  Go me!

*Eli: "I don't listen to mom's. I only listen to dad's." As he sits sipping on the Capri Sun that I told him he couldn't have until lunch time.

*I got a letter of subpoena in the mail.  I got out of testifying.  But got a phone call saying that they turned it over to another city as it was on the boarder of two cities, and that I would be getting another letter.  blah.

*No need to teach your kids about male and female body parts, female relationships, and the art of making out. Just send them to your local Recreation Center or to Lagoon.

*Some type of critter-vole, mole, varment, is making nice little pathways in our backyard.  I don't like it.

*It seems like everyone is at Lowe's and The Home Depot buying flowers right now.  I love spring!

*I've been a bit of a scatter brain.....Got Gavin off to soccer practice, then headed to Isaac's basketball game (where they won), hurried home and got Eli changed and picked up Owen, cut thru the neighborhood and luckily ran into Lindsay who brought Gavin home from soccer practice, rushed to eli's preschool program/graduation with all kids in tow, hip-hip hooray-my little Jack horner graduated, immediately left as soon as we could, had to skip dinner as we didn't have time, and booked it to Isaac's 2nd basketball game (for the championship), his team won and Isaac played the best he's ever played, then we headed home to finish up Gavin's, Abe Lincoln, wax museum get up, and finally eat dinner. It seems like the crazy never ends.

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