Friday, May 16, 2014

{Can I goto Kindergarten Yet?}

Yes, yes you can, Eli!
Last day of Preschool for this kid.  Onto bigger and better things!
At Eli's preschool graduation, they did a Mother Goose program.  Eli was little Jack Horner, and did an awesome job on his part.
Eli's preschool is about 45 seconds away from our house.  Best decision ever as far as making it easy to get him there quickly, and super easy for those last minute running late days.  He really liked his teacher, Miss Lockwood.
Eli was in the older preschool class without any prior preschool experience.  He struggled the first half of the year to get all of his letters down and to write his name, mainly his last name.  Things seemed to click the second part of the year.  He really caught on to all of his letters and writes his name really well.  He can count to 30 and knows all the sounds the letters make and knows his numbers by site.  He may be the youngest kindergartner next year, but he is super stoked to be going to the big school, just like his brothers.

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