Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Not Con-Cushion, but Concussion}

I timed it just right.  Got the baby to sleep, kids were all downstairs playing, I was good to go.  Had to make a quick run to Target.  Kid free!  By myself!  And in the middle of the day!  Isaac was in charge.  I was to be gone for 1 hour.  Forty five minutes into my hour, Isaac called and asked if he could go outside and shoot hoops, and check on the baby every 5 minutes since he was sleeping.  Ok, I said.

Ten minutes later I get a phone call from Owen.  "Um, Mom we got a problem over here.  Isaac's not bleeding, but he hit his head and he's lying on the ground and he can't get up."

Owen handed the phone to my neighbor who filled me on the situation. 

He was trying to "dunk"/grab the rim without a ball.  He did it once and went to do it again.  He grabbed the rim and his momentum carried his feet up above him and he did some sort of back flip, let go of the rim, hit the ground (cement) landing on his shoulder and hit his head.

He ended up with a huge goose egg on his head, some road rash, and bruising.   Thankfully there was no serious bleeding.  It knocked him out, but he wasn't completely out of it.  I would title it a mild concussion.

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Alicia said...

Zeesh!! That would freak me out! I'm glad he's okay!


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