Monday, July 30, 2012

{Weekly Randomness}

*I think I have an odd obsession with cleaning.  It seems like I do it from sun up to sun down.  I could stop.  I could just sit and watch t.v.  But I don't.  I have to be multi-tasking.  You know watching t.v. and folding laundry.  Or eating lunch while going through paper work.  Heck, I can't even go in the bathroom without peeing and putting something away in a drawer.  I just need to CHILL!

*I finally finished decorating the nursery with the exception of printing off pictures for picture frames.

*We have loved watching the Olympics.  For some reason I really enjoyed watching archery. 

*School is back in session.  It's just me, Eli, and and Finn at home.  It's been good for everyone to get back into the grind of things.   School started 5 days ago and Isaac has already finished reading a 100 + page book.  He claims it's the best book he's ever read.  I think he says that about every book he reads......

*Kurt has been up to scout camp this last week.  He took Isaac up on Friday night.  Thurl Bailey spoke at the fireside.  Isaac loved it. 

*Finn is sleeping through the night.  He goes down at 9-ish and wakes up between 6:30 & 7:00.   It is AWESOME! 

*Our bedroom light bulb has been burnt out for like a week.  It is so annoying.  It takes a special light bulb-one that we don't have, and we keep forgetting to go and buy one.  Kurt finally bought one and he got a lower wattage after reading how much it saves per year.  Ugh.  It's too low of a wattage.  The light may as well just be off.  One thing about me- I like light and I like it bright. 

*Owen has this 6h sense where he can remember dates.  It's crazy.  If you ask him when he got his braces on, he won't say 6 months ago.  He'll tell you exact date; February 2nd.  He even remembers when his future orthodontic appointments are scheduled for.  He remembers dates like when we moved and his baptism.  He is crazy good at remembering stats too.  Like football and basketball stats.  It's pretty surprising. 

*Pictures from the archives:

Yellowstone Park July 2011

Kurt at the Spiral Jetty April 2011

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Alicia said...

I like to clean and multi-task too. A lot of people have criticized me for over-doing it (the cleaning) and that when I have young children I should just let it all go. But I'd hate it. Who wants to sit in an apartment full of cereal crumbs and toys piled high in every room. So I do all the cleaning, every day, even vacuuming sometimes twice and I Windex down all the surfaces and bathroom sinks where Glo splashed water all over the mirror. It's a ton of work but worth it because I enjoy being home. And my kids will see me take care of my home and hopefully won't grow up to be pigs (maybe, here's hoping). I say we all respond differently to motherhood and we should go easy on each other and let us do what we need to do to enjoy it. If cleaning is what floats your boat, clean on.


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