Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{California Wrap Up}

Our last day in California was spent at the flea market, then at Newport beach.  It was a beautiful day.  It was also one of the busiest days that my brother has seen at the beach.  It was most likely due to it being the 4th of July weekend.  It was super busy and it took forever to find parking.

One of the great things about our trip to Cali was that we were able to hook up with Kurt's brother, Bryce and his two boys, at the beach.  They got to meet Finn and play with their cousins.  It was great.

Then on our way home from Cali we stopped in Las Vegas, where my other brother, Troy lives; and we were able to hook up him and with Kurt's sister, Cindy, so she could put a little Finn on the time card. 

If we hadn't made the trip to Cali, who knows the next time when we would have ever seen Bryce or Cindy. 

The drive home was long.  We did it in one haul.  Ten plus hours.  During our drive one of our kids may or may not have Dumb and Dumber'd it and took a razz in a Mtn. Dew bottle.  We also discovered that our baby may just be the best baby traveler in the whole world.  And Isaac made it known that the only thing stopping him from going on a mission is going pro in the NBA.

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Jon and Melissa said...

I seriously can't believe how amazing you are! Going on a family vacation after just having a baby three weeks ago??? Superwoman! Looks like a lot of fun-we need to go somewhere!


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