Monday, June 25, 2012

{Guilty Pleasures}

In the last week some of us have found some good and not so good pleasures.

GUILTY-Right here.
This kid could live off of Red Vines alone.
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner.
Try to give him just one, Na-Uh!  He won't hear of it.
Wailing and gnashing of teeth and tears to boot get him at least 4 or 5 + per tantrum.
He knows how to work the system.

These right here are MY guilty pleasure.
Curse my neighbor who introduced them to me. 
Never tried them?  You must.  That is if you are a coconut/carmel/fudge lover.
One bite and you could die and goto heaven, right then and there-they are that good!
 Where can you find them?  At Walmart.  They are the Great Value Brand.  Don't let Walmart or the brand fool you.  Not only will you love the taste, you will love the price too.  My neighbor says they are comparable to Girl Scout Samoa cookies.    What you won't love about them is that there are only 3 rows in the package.  They don't last long.

This little guy's pleasure-the bottle & sleep.  He loves his food and he loves his sleep. 
 He downs 3-4 ounces at every feeding, and then peacefully dozes off for 4 to 5 hours at a time. While in the NICU they got him on a sleeping and eating schedule, which made it very easy for me once he came home. Per his pediatrician, I got the ok to stretch out his night time feeding and let him sleep longer at night. Which makes me a very happy Momma.  No worries, he is gaining weight; and don't forget he now weighs over 9 pounds at just 17 days old. 


Alicia said...

Glad you are all good eaters. I love all those treats, minus the bottle. I take my milk in Sonic Oreo blast form. Love all the pics. Thinking of you...sure love your little M.

Unknown said...


Carpenter's said...

Super cute! I was able to talk to Kurt but I need to get my Kanani fix. What a blessing to have so many pleasures!! You are blessed!


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