Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{Viva Las Vegas}

That first night in Vegas, I tossed and turned all night. Just as I would doze off, the A/C would kick on and keep me awake. A torturous processes that lasted throughout the night. My eyes were puffy from crying, and stung from lack of sleep. All I could do was cry some more.

Come morning, we decided that we should start car hunting just to see what was available and if it was even possible to buy a car in Vegas if we had to. Kurt was on the internet and phone all morning. We decided not to figure out what was wrong with the car until the next day so we could enjoy our time since we didn't need the car anyways. We found out that yes, we could drive away with a new car, no money down, and no title in hand on our old car without any problems.

We would take it in to get fixed, but the car is on it's last leg and we have been tinkering around with the idea of getting a new car anyways. We just thought it would be a few more months down the road after tax season and the baby was born. The thought of needing/having to get a new car was exciting/stressful. Who does that? Goes on vacation and comes home with a new car??? Getting a rental was out of the question as we would still have to come back for our other car.

We walked the strip, shopped, and ate. My pregnant body moved about 2 strides slower than Kurt's pace. My feet did ache the whole trip, but I was expecting that. As we passed what seemed like hundreds of girls in their skimpy party dresses and high heels, their pained ridden faces and the awkward walk on the sides of their feet said that their feet were definitely hurting-probably worse than mine.

The whole 4 days we were in Vegas, I saw 5 other pregnant women. I'm guessing I was definitely farther along than any of them, as I was bigger than they were. Being pregnant and in Vegas was funny. Very few, maybe 3 or 4, commented on me being prgenant. Whereas in Utah it is regular to have 3 or 4 comment just while shopping in the grocery store. I wouldn't recommend going to Vegas while pregnant. It was physically exhausting on the body, especially the feet. We rode the bus the 2nd day which helped alot.

We went and saw Cirque Du Soliel's O show, which was fabulous, and we hit the Rio all you can eat buffet, which was also fabulous. We were also able to visit my brother Troy and his family, and Kurt's sister Cindy. It was nice to see them.

Every where we went I kept forgetting to bring my camera. I only got a couple of pictures of us.

We drove our car around the second to last day of our stay to see if it would act up again. It did not. We decided that we were not going to get a new car and cross our fingers that our car would get us home where we would have more time and could do things on our terms. We added some more water to it, loaded our stuff up and hit the road.


Megan B ♥ said...

Wait, wait, wait....HOW IS THE CAR NOW???

That is one awful trip. I went to Vegas when I was 5 months pregnant with Tanner. I feel your pain. We walked all over the strip, including through Caesar's Palace... Oh, Caesar's Palace, how I loathe thee. It was so. very. long. We went again a few years later for a training and I was amazed at how much more walkable it was :)

I remember that first time, in the middle of the day we walked down the strip. I was OBVIOUSLY pregnant, Justin was carrying Kinley on his hip and people were trying to hand him hooker cards left and right. I'm like "DUDE. I'm RIGHT HERE. And if you can't tell.... he's obviously doing JUST FINE."

khepworth said...

Megan, you'll have to read the rest of the story.....

Ha, ha. What is it with the people handing out those hooker cards? Seriously. Dirt bags!

Anonymous said...

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