Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Vegas BABY}

Kurt and I ditched the kids for a little weekend get-away to VEGAS!

Oh Yeah-Vegas BABY!
In our case not to be pronounced with an enthusiastic Vegas BABY (insert flexed arm with pounding fist), but with more of a (put your head down and cry) Vegas Baby.

As we're doing 70 through the Arizona Gorge, suddenly Kurt flips the cold air to blasting hot, starts to pump the brakes, and says something to the effect of "I'm glad I noticed that......dangit.......somem-somem."

Just as we come around the bend of a rock wall there is a small, sliver, of a spot to pull off before hitting the guard rail-IF you can stop fast enough. Kurt slams on the brakes pulls off into the sliver of the spot and gets off the road.


Kurt informs me that the car had overheated. Not knowing what happened or is happening sent me into panic mode. My breathing became super quick and super heavy. My cheeks all the way down through my fingertips were flushed and tingling. Not wanting to die in a car (one of my fears/phobias) started to set in and I started to cry. My stomach became tense-the thought of going into labor crossed my mind.

Kurt assessed the situation. He went to call his dad to get his advice, and DEAD AS A DOORNAIL. There was no cell service. We were pulled over in such a spot that it would pretty much be impossible for anyone to see us in time and stop to help us; as we were pulled off just as you round a bend. Going 60-70 miles per hour by the time they could stop it would be way down the road-if there was anywhere to even pull off. You can imagine the quick, intense, abrupt stop that we did to get off on to the side of the road. And to top it off, the sun was just going down and we had about 20-30 minutes of daylight left.

Being the son of a guy who knows a thing or two about cars, Kurt knew what was wrong and what to do to get us to Mesquite to have it checked out. Luckily......Luckily we had bottled water with us. SIX bottles of water to be exact. The antifreeze was low,and water was just what we needed to fill it up.

just 5 hours earlier as we were walking out our front door to get in the car to hit the road, I asked Kurt to get some bottled water. I said, "Grab 6 or 8 bottles." Kurt scoffingly replied, "Six or eight bottles of water?" Laughing. He sarcastically replied, "I grabbed six."
Not knowing how vital these water bottles would be, I originally wanted them so when I was walking in the hot Vegas sun down the strip I would have something to drink.

These water bottles are what got us out of the gorge. Kurt added the water, flipped the air on to the hottest setting and said get in. Ha, ha, ha......there was no way I was going to get in that car and drive the rest of the way down the gorge.

First of all word Gorge is waaaaaay more intimidating than the word Pass. Sounds way more gory and scary. I've been through it before. It's a very pretty drive, in a safe and sound car. Our car was not safe and not sound as far as I was concerned. I told Kurt that I would walk out before I got back in the car and drove out.

Knowing that I wasn't walking outta there, Kurt coaxed me into the car, we said a prayer, and off we went. Once again my breathing intensified, I was still crying (hadn't really stopped), and I was just waiting for something to happen.

We made it out of the Gorge ok. Nothing had happened yet. We kept driving with the heat at full blast (to keep the engine cool). We finally had cell service and called Kurt's dad. It was what Kurt thought it was. The antifreeze was low. His Dad told us what should happen, if it does this then it means this, if it doesn't do that, then........you got a problem.

We pressed onto Vegas. Overwhelmed and tired, we made it to our hotel without any problems. We decided to get some sleep and deal with the car in the morning.

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Taylor's said...

Oh my! So glad you insisted on the water and he listened and so glad Kurt realized what was happening.

And I must add . . . I am glad you did not go into pre-term labor over the whole thing!


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