Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{A Post at 5 AM in the Morning}

It's been one of those nights. I wake up in the middle of the night to find two kids sandwiched between Kurt and I in our bed. Of course one of them is grinding their teeth (super loud and for a super long period of time) and the other is thrashing and kicking to get the blankets off.

Not realizing that Kurt wasn't in bed, I all of the sudden hear someone walk down our hallway. It wasn't the sound of one of the kids' footsteps. I immediately perk up and stop my breathing so I can really hear to see if what I am hearing is really the footsteps of someone in my house. As I'm listening the shadow of a large person appears in the doorway of our bedroom. K...ur...t. "Ya", he answers. It was Kurt in the doorway. Apparently he couldn't sleep. Talk about a stop your heart freak out.

After Kurt came back to bed, I couldn't fall back asleep. My hips began hurting as laying on my side(s) puts pressure on them from my ever increasing body weight. So here I sit starving, perusing Facebook and Pinterest. It's a bad night not to be able to sleep because I can't eat anything until 9:30 am when I have to drink that gross orange drink and get my sugar levels tested per routine prenatal baby stuff.

Looking out the window as I type, I see two people jogging. At 5:30. In.The.Morning. Who does that. Not me, that's who. It's going to be a long day today.


Carrie said...

Oh my goodness the aching pregnancy hips are awful when you just really want to sleep! Sorry you were up so early. I was feeding my babe at 5:30 the other morning thinking about how many folks wake up and hit the gym by then. I too am certainly not one of those early birds :)

Megan B ♥ said...

Iiiiiiiick! Stinky morning indeed!


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