Monday, March 12, 2012

{Crazy. Lazy. Life.}

It's been a while since I've posted. I haven't had much of a desire lately. I guess I've been lazy/tired/unmotivated.

Things around the house have been crazy as normal, and loud as usual. That's nothing new. We've done really well at keeping the house (upstairs) picked up. It really makes a difference when I make the boys help Every.Single.Day. until it's clean. When I have to do it myself it seems like the house is always messy. It takes me forever. I am slower than molasses these days being pregnant. They hate it, I love it. They are definitely learning the definition of work.

The boys seem to keep busy with homework and just being boys. Isaac just wants to play with his friends all day. Owen, immerses himself with the playstation. Gavin, he follows Isaac around till he gets ditched then he'll switch over to whatever it is Owen is doing. Eli. That boy is coming into a new phase. A baby phase if you will. He cries if you get him the wrong cup, or if you go upstairs too fast without him, or if you don't go with him wherever he wants to go. It's getting annoying to say the least.

In other news, I bought some E.L Fudge cookies for the family, and I ended up eating the whole entire package by myself within a 3 day span. Ugh. I have been budgeting and planning out meals for the last 2 weeks. We haven't eaten out once. Makes a difference when you know where your money is going. Kurt has been busy with his new calling as the young men's president. I am the young women's secretary and so it can get a little crazy, but we make it work. Kurt recently returned from a get-away to Florida where I know he wishes he could get-away on a daily basis. Only in his dreams........and then it's back to reality.

If only everyday could be a vacation.....

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Taylor's said...

AMEN! If only every day could be a vacation! Then again the vacation would just turn into every day so I will take every day with a vacation thrown in there every once in a while.

PS Where does Kurt practice again? Both the hubby and I need our vision checked - yearly thing!


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