Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Sew Much For Being Bored}

Isaac was bored out of his tree tonight. He moped around saying, "I'm Bored." None of his neighborhood friends were home and it was too dark/late outside for me to let him shoot hoops by himself. And so the torturous "I'm Bored" syndrome began to echo throughout the kitchen where I was sitting at the table watching Project Runway on the laptop.

LAAAA-LAAAA-LAAAA-LAAAA-La! It wasn't going away.
"You're bored, huh? Well why don't you learn how to sew like these people?" (Project Runway people) It was more of a I'm going to get the sewing machine and you're going to learn how to sew, because if I have to hear that
one more time.....
Isaac: "Really? Ok."
I gave the kid a quick sewing lesson and helped him along the way. He wanted to make one of these:
A Domo Monster.
But I told him to start small/easy and work his way up to it.
Here he is hard at work. He's one of those that sticks his tongue out when concentrating. He caught on pretty quick and has the basics down. I was surprised at how much he got into it. I thought he would quit and give up within 15 minutes, but he stuck with it till his product was finished. About an hour.

Here's his finished product. He made a monster of sorts. I told him that when he gets a little more practice, I will take him to the store and let him pick out the colors that he wants. He seemed to be excited about that, as I made him do this project using all scraps that I had.

When I went to check on the kids at bedtime, I found him sleeping like this with his monster. He must have really been proud of his masterpiece to have taken it to bed with him. Ha, Ha!


The Clayburn Family said...

That is awesome! Good job Mom and great job Isaac!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so sweet he stuck with it. Fun without an electronic device?.....what planet are we on? Now he can go and beat his brothers with his new creation!

Some dude in south beach

Brittney said...

This is so fun! That's great that he actually really enjoyed himself too.

Megan B ♥ said...

I. Love. This.


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