Friday, September 23, 2011

{Hepworth Family Reunion}

Labor Day weekend Kurt's Family had their annual family reunion. The destination-Star Valley, Wyoming.The place where Kurt's Father grew up. It was a pleasant time.
Papa Jay took us hiking in the hills in his back yard from when he was a boy.Here's a picture of everyone who went on the hike. The kids had a great time and all did surprisingly well.

Here's Papa Jay telling us a story about the hills we were about to climb.

Bryce & Oscar

Kurt and I

Daric's dead dear leg walking stick.....

Andrew & Maddy


My little family


At the top.

The monument we built


Andrew's Find

Emma & Nicki

Aleaha & Dru

Katie & Lisa

Dimond, Andrew, Isaac, Calvin

Natalia & Noa

Charity & Avery

Here's the chute we hiked out of to get to the main road.

Kurt & Krista

We guessed it was around a 5 mile hike or so. We were all happy to return back to the cabin to find that Nan had lunch waiting for us.

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