Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*I ran into a childhood friend, Krystal, that I grew up with at Gavin's soccer game. Good to see her.

*I went and got my nails done. For an entire 20 min. I sat and listened to a conversation beween the lady doing my nails and her co-worker in their native vietnamese language about who knows what. Probably about me. Isn't that why people opt to switch languages so they can talk about you without you knowing it.

*I potted pretty flowers in my two flower pots. It was a nice, beautiful sunny day...... We are now facing cold weather and rain. At least it's not snow. I just hope my flowers make it. Ha, ha....I spoke too soon. Snow. It's snowing.

*Got my visiting teaching done early this month. Ya!

*Sometimes hitting the bottom is a good thing. Though hard, the only other way you can go is up.

*I hate the cake mix that I mixed up for Isaac's birthday cake. It spilled over the sides as it was cooking and pooled in the bottom of the oven. (The last time I'll ever use that brand.) I came up stairs to a kitchen full of smoke. I opened the oven door and found burned cake on fire in the bottom of the oven. ON FIRE! I didn't panic like I did with my last oven fire experience, but I was shaking and couldn't dial Kurt's number correctly and gave up calling him. I HATE OVENS AND FIRE. HATE. It wasn't that big of a fire and I got it out by turning off the oven and blowing it out. Talk about freaking me out. SHEESH!

*Need to replace the batteries in ALL smoke detectors. Not one detector went off when my kitchen filled with smoke from the burning cake inside my oven. I can't even stand the thought of what if I didn't come up stairs when I did. It could have been worse.

*Between my three boys, they have been to 8 birthday parties in 2 weeks. I think I need to lower the dollar amount for birthday presents. They are leaving me dry.

*It rained almost everyday this last week.

*This week has left me exhausted.


Brittney said...

That's funny about the lady that did your pedi. The same thing always happens to me and I wonder what they are thinking BUT I'd much rather they talk to each other than try to talk to me because I can never understand them anyway. I love just kicking back and reading and not have to carry on a conversation.

Fun to read about your trip to Midway. It's always so nice to get away with the hubby-even if there was a little human in tow. One's better than 4 though.

Alicia said...

So sorry about the fire! Scary! Dollar stores for birthday presents.


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