Friday, May 20, 2011

Ancient History

What happened to all of the Amelia Earhart's, Henry Ford's, Miss Ross', George Washington's, Harriet Tubman's, Mr. Bell and Mr. King's?

If what I saw today is any indication of what will be going down in the history books, our children's children will be learning about weddings, music, and sports.

I attended Owen's 2nd grade wax museum where I was able to meet famous people. Some of whom I have never even heard of. I met more Taylor Swift's than I care to remember. Right up there with her was Demi Levato (I didn't know who she was), Selena Gomez, & Beyonce. Kate Middleton was a huge hit too. Justin Beiber made his appearance, and so did Michael. Jimmer Fredette also showed up along with multiple basketball players, skaters, hockey, and baseball players.

I only met a handful of people that made history what it really is. Mr. Einstein was there, so was Mr. Lincoln, Annie Oakley, Johnny Appleseed, Pocahantas, and King Tut.

While this wasn't necessarily a history assignment, but an assignment that the kids could pick anyone they wanted to be, I found it shocking to see that our history is not only becoming ancient, but is being replaced by Taylor Swift and Tony Hawk.

Owen as Mr. Einstein himself. Not only was Einstein a genius. He also loved music, taking walks, and sailing. He even played the violin. He stopped wearing socks because his big toe would always make holes in them. Upon his death in 1955 his brain was removed without approval from his family and an autopsy was conducted.


Alicia said...

Good post. I didn't know they did that to Einstein's brain! That is so rude! I would never let my kid go as Taylor Swift. What are these parents thinking?

Taylor's said...

How funny!


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