Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Randomness

*Haircut time. I hate haircut time. My boys hate haircut time. I wish I was better/faster at it.

*I LOVE eating out. We did way too much of it this week.

*It's a christmas miracle! Kurt only had to work a 1/2 day on a Wednesday due to remodeling.

*I stopped filling my car up with gas once it got to $65.00. I've never paid that much to fill up my car. It was still going too. Ugggghhhh.

*I fell asleep on the couch and was woken up to Gavin giving me a kiss on the forehead before he laid down to take a nap himself. Awwwww! The sweetest thing.

*I think we will be eating boiled eggs for a.very.long.time...

*My lips are on fire. They aren't chapped. They are on FIRE! It's very strange. I've tried everything. Nothing seems to solve the problem. The closest thing that seems to be working is Burt's Bees. And even then, they are still smoldering after an hour of application.

*Kurt and I went out to Tuscany, the restaurant. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was divine. The dining area was dimly lit, so when you open up your menu it lights up so you can see what you're ordering. It was cool. I got the pork chop and mashed potatoes and Kurt got the half chicken and mashed potatoes. Wowza! The food was awesome! We had to laugh as the valet guy brought us our old, dirty, cracked windshield Subaru. From the the B'mers, Mercedes, and Audi's, it was obvious we were a little out of our league. I asked Kurt if the valet guy thought the tip Kurt gave him was as cheap as our car. Ha, Ha.

*Smokedshadow and Twinks are the names of the eyeshadows I bought yesterday.

*I have issues with papertowels. I don't think they should be used to dry hands or to take the place of a napkin. We have dish towels and napkins for that. Papertowels should be used to clean up spills, clean mirrors, and be used in place of a towel or a napkin ONLY if they are not available.

*Picutres from the archives:
Gavin. 2006.

2008. Isaac and Owen reading outside at Nan's.


Danielle said...

my friend had used some lip stuff she was allergic too and her lips had issues for a long time. . . Hopefully that is not your case.

fyi...i hate the haircuts too....I have to admit...the worst part is cleaning up clear blond hard to see...This year I have resorted to paying someone the $10 to do it for the older boys.

The Clayburn Family said...

I think my cousin is/was one of the managers at Tuscany.

Sounds like a another great Hepworth week!


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