Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Owen's Big Day!

{Owen gets baptized}

What an awesome weekend we had! Owen's baptism was really nice. He looked so handsome in his shirt and tie. We are so proud of him and the person he is becoming.

Grandma & Grandpa K came and so did Nan and Papa. Auntie Helena and baby Kai, Katie, and Cindy came too. And Lisa brought Mike.

It was nice to have everyone join us. I enjoyed having a clean house and eating and vegging and visiting. My Mom, my sister and I went and got mani/pedi's and left the kids home with Grandpa. Kurt and Papa moved Cindy's stuff out into her new apt. And Nan took Katie shopping for her birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa taught the kids how to play codfish, a card game, and I made white chocolate covered popcorn with marshmellows and pretzles and ate myself sick.

An AWESOME weekend!


Carpenter's said...

Great pics, you all look fantastic! I have the same subway sign :) Oh and what is the wreath made out of, do share!!

Steph said...

You know what every house needs? I really BIG clock, you should look into getting one... :) I have clock envy. Your house, from the pictures looks so pretty!!

Brittney said...

Everything I see in your house, I love. Can't wait to see it this summer.

Exciting about Owen's big day.

Email the recipe on that popcorn...please! Sounds delicious.

Taylor's said...

What a STUD!

Megan B ♥ said...

I've been meaning to congratulate all of you guys! What a special day!!! And nice subway sign ;)


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