Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*I have to strategically sneak place Gavin's schoolwork papers in the trash can so he can't see them. You know, shove them way down and throw a rotten tomato and a couple of wadded up paper towels dripping with bacon grease and an egg carton leaking slimy egg parts to disguise any form of the letter "H" that he had colored that week. Otherwise, he will dig them out and grill me as to why I would ever throw any of his school papers away.

*I took my car to the car wash. I can count the number of times on one hand that I have washed my car. I've had it for over 10 years. When I drove away it felt as though I was driving a brand new car. It was Awesome! And the inside. Not a crumb. Not a fry stuck in the crevasses between the seats. The amount of suction that their vacuum had was insane. I'm pretty sure it could have sucked up one of my kids.

*I hate taking kids grocery shopping with me. I especially hate taking all 4 of my kids grocery shopping with me. But I am a rockstar at wrangling them. It takes muscle and some force (and a bottle of milk for the wee one), but I have it mastered. Oh, and bribing. Lots of bribing.

*Every time I have all 4 of my boys with me in the grocery store, I am guaranteed to be stopped by some sweet old lady who asks, {gasp} Are these all yours? And then she'll proceed to tell me how many sons she has and how I have my hands full. Of course I agree with her and smile as I walk away knowing that there is someone else out there who also knows the "joys" of having 4

*There is someone in my house (I won't name names), who has the stinkiest feet you've ever smelt. Ronchy.

*I rocked my lesson in Young Women's on Sunday.

*We are getting ready to do more work on the house. I can't wait. Molding and painting, oh my!

*I put my big, green, spring-time wreath on the front door. I'm hoping it will bring good summer vibes.

*Last night Isaac informed us that little drops of water kept falling on him while he was laying on his bed. Great. I think we have a leak in the bathroom above his room. The only problem, how do you find a leak under a tub and shower without ripping out his bedroom ceiling. I don't know if it's possible.

*Kurt has been getting his ride on up at Brighton. He is Loving it.

*Isaac learned a hard lesson about "Why am I the only one that doesn't get to do anything fun. Their younger than me and they get to. It's not fair." Son, it's just because it really isn't that cool to play with fire.

*I bought 3 Blurb book vouchers from Jasmere and I forgot about them. They expired in February. I am kicking myself right now. I almost want to throw a tantrum.

*Japan was hit with an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The damages are catastrophic. My heart is heavy for them. I am blessed to be safe here with my family.

*A couple of pictures from the archives:
Owen and Isaac: 2007 taken the day we moved to Utah.
This picture cracks me up! If you don't know the story, click here or here.
Owen, Isaac, Gavin: 2007. Oh Canada. Looking at a little frog.


Clinton and Jessica said...

haha. I totally do that with Calvin's school papers too! And I'm glad someone else does it. I wasn't sure if all super moms were suppose to keep them in some folder forever. I was actually starting to feel guilty or something!

The Clark said...

Love that Kurt's riding. You better get up there with him too.

Also love those shirts you made. You're like Martha Stewart on steroids!


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