Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*I am free of all dizziness. My labyrinthitis is gone. {Cue in the choir- Hallelujah!}

*While at Young Women's my neighbor's daughter, who is in my beehive class asks, "Do you guys like have dirty diapers in your garage? Cuz Roxy, their dog, keeps bringing dirty diapers and hiding them in our garage. They are like her treasures." I was laughing out loud.

We do have dirty diapers in our garage. I have a garbage can designated for dirty diapers so I don't have to make a hundred trips out to the big garbage can each day. We just chuck them in a little garbage can in the garage and then dump them when we can't stand the smell any longer as needed.

Apparently Roxy has a thing for dirty diapers and sneaks into our garage and steals them and hoards them in our neighbors garage. Bad dog Roxy, bad dog!

*For breakfast 3 times last week, I ate brownies and vanilla ice cream covered with hot fudge.......Seriously. Three times. I won't tell you how many times I had it for dessert too.

*Owen did AWESOME on his spelling this last week. 15/10 on the spelling and bonus words, and 30/30 on dictation. So proud of him!

*Kurt's new snowboard boots arrived today. He has discovered that his right foot is bigger than his left foot.

*My kids would rather die than clean. I bought the Accountable Kids Program and plan to implement it Very soon.

*My sister and her husband came for a visit from the Land of Itscolderthanawitcheskiss. Of course it would happen that they came from the place we that we are headed to visit while they are here. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with them. :(

*Went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Holy busy, Batman. There were babies, toddlers, and pregnant women everywhere; oh my!

*A couple of pictures from the picture archive:

Cousins at a play in Nauvoo (Kaaiakamanu Family Reunion 2007)
2008. Moki and Nohea's baptism.


Megan B ♥ said...

#1. I'm so glad your dizziness is gone!! Bye, bye, Bowie!

#2. Please tell Roxy to come to my garage in the summertime. We don't even bother with a can or anything. She can gather them right up off the ground. We're that awesome.

#3. I shall patiently await my invitation to a choc-fest breakfast.

Meridee said...

Im so glad you are feeling better. . I always celebrate w/ brownies & ice cream too:) Most desserts are better at breakfast time anyway, right?


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