Thursday, January 13, 2011

Year of the organizer. Day 11 & 7

Today's Challenge: Organize the freezer

This challenge wasn't too bad.


I have always said that I would never use containers in the freezer, as I thought it was a little too extreme. But I did..... I re-used our old toy containers and they fit perfectly in the space, and surprisingly they really help keep like things together and organized.
I was able to throw out some stuff and found some stuff that left me scratching my head. I found about 8 snow balls that my boys thought would be cool to freeze "forever". Sadly I only let them keep one. Oh, and I found a whole package of M & M's from christmas. Score!

Year of the Organizer. Day 7

Today's Challenge: Organize the pantry

I LOVE my pantry. But I'm pretty sure that it loves me more for the makeover I gave it.

After seeing this pantry, I was drooling and so wished that I had a vinyl cutter. It was great inspiration for completing my pantry makeover.

Before and After
Aside from puttng up vinyl, the next best thing I could come up with was to line the walls with contact paper. Worked like a charm. The pickings for patterns were slim, but this striped motif won out. It really brightens up the area.

I purchased these large glass canisters at Walmart. I was debating on if I should get all medium, but opted to get 3 large for my rice, sugar, and flour. A good move as I won't have to refill them as often as the medium ones. I then had vinyl labels made for them.

I found some 1x1 wood scraps out in the garage and used them to make "risers' for my canned goods. They worked great!
I went to the D.I. with the purpose of finding containers/baskets for my pantry makeover. And whadda ya know, I found a bunch. All together sitting on a shelf. Just like they were waiting for me to take them home. There were a ton of them. I put all of them in my cart. As I was browsing the store, a lady came up to me and asked where I found my baskets. I told her where I got them, but felt a little bad as I knew that I had put every last one in my cart. But then I got over it real fast. :)

This one works great for our ceareals.And this one is perfect for holding our instant oatmeal and popcorn.
I got a bunch of these wire baskets and they help keep "like" things together and organized.

I already had these large bins that weren't being used and they worked great for holding large items, plastic and paper bags, paper towels, etc. down on the floor.
One more finished shot.

To see how other people are organizing their freezers click here and to see how they are organizing their pantries, click here.


Kristal said...

This looks really nice! I have the same contact paper and didn't see the same closet inspiration until after I used up all my contact paper, but I wondered about putting it on the wall like you did. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Beth's Blog said...

I love your pantry! everything looks great!

Amy said...

How cute is that contact paper and labels?!? GREAT JOB!



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