Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Year of the Organizer. Day 10

Today's Challenge: Organizing the Laundry Room/Closet

While this is an organizing challenge, I am also making these challenges my home/room makeover reveal as some of you still have not seen our house yet.

We moved into our home 8 months ago. This is what the laundry room looked like. The washer and dryer were removed upon us moving in. It was pretty dirty, as they didn't have the dryer vent hooked up properly, so there was lint caked all over the walls and the floor.
Here is a before and after picture of my laundry room this afternoon from the doorway.

A before and after view from the other side of the room.

As you can see, from 8 months ago, I got busy and went to work, as I knew this room had potential. I painted the walls a butter cream yellow and the trim and shelves white. Although I still have to paint a door and the trim around the doors, all of the painting is done!

I knew I wanted to take advantage of the shelves and use large bins to store stuff. I splurged and purchased them at target at $17 bucks a pop. (I think that's expensive.) It was the look I wanted, and I got it, and I LOVE it! Normally I would hold out for a better deal, but I didn't get one bit of buyer's remorse after buying them and seeing them in action. I then made tags of the contents inside each basket.

There are two things in this room that make my heart sing when I walk into it.

1. This ironing board cover. It is totally me. (I bought in on etsy)
The hanger that is it hanging on is awesome too. It gets it off the floor. (bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond)

And 2. This little green plant. (it's fake) It says hello to me whenever I enter the room. (got it from Ikea)

Some of my favorite organizers in this room is this utility organizer. It is perfect for brooms, mops,etc. (bought at Home Depot)
I also like this iron holder (bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) You can put your iron away while it's still hot. We installed this drawer organizer and it is great for holding screws, buttons, etc. (bought at Walmart)

This basket is close to the washer and dryer and holds everything that I need to do laundry. I plan on filling that container with something......haven't decided yet.
I had a large space of wall to cover, so I added this large vinyl saying to fill the void.

One last look. Aahhh, clean and tidy. Everything in its place. Love it!
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Staci said...

Great job. Love your ironing board!!

Ches said...

Not only is your transformation organized, it is beautiful. I love those baskets, but am holding out for a thriftier version (I'll probably be waiting awhile).

Beth's Blog said...

I love your laundry room, very cute!
great job!

mom2maya said...

I agree with Beth, I LOVE your laundry room almost as much as I love your ironing board cover! Cute!

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

Your laundry room is darling - the plant and I LOVE that decal on your wall! It's super cheery in there, too! Happy organizing!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Alicia said...

That looks very organized! Well done!

Kristal said...

Great job! Love the color and your ironing board.

Nelson said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I LOVE organization. It brings peace to my soul.

Anonymous said...

where'd you get the ironing board cover? soo mee too :)



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