Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*This morning I was woken up by the sound of beep-beep-beep, then crashing black garbage cans hitting the cold concrete ground. THE GARBAGE MAN IS HERE! I yelled. DID WE GET IT OUT? Nope. We missed it.....Again. One week he is on his normal 10 o'clock schedule, the next he's up and at 'em at o-dark-thirty. Dangit! I hate it when we miss the garbage.

*Do you ever wander if those huge, scrumptious muffins that you buy at Winco or Costco are really just individual size cakes disguised as muffins?

*I'm pretty sure that not only did we pay our dentists' mortgage this month, but we also paid his electric, cable, and gas bill too. Doctor Dave is loving us right now.

*For Kurt's work "Christmas Party" we ate at the Five Alls on Foothill and ate ourselves sick. If Alls I gained was Five pounds, then I'd be lucky.

*My parents paid us a visit on their way home from California. They loaded our kids up with sugar and left behind a gift card to Ikea for me. Yay! It's a win-win.

*I went to buy Meclazine for my labyrinthitis and the pharmacist sent me home with the wrong stuff. Luckily I called questioning some of the ingredients and he realized he gave me the wrong bottle of pills. Even more luckily, I didn't take any of those wrong pills.

*Two random pictures from the picture archives.

Taken just before going to church. Sept. 2007.

At Wheeler Farm. November 2008.


Alicia said...

I hate it when we miss the garbage too. It stinks!! Literally!

khepworth said...

Alicia, why can i not get onto your blog. i thought i responded to your invite a while ago...?

Meridee said...

Geez! I'm so glad you were observant enough to possibly save your life! Maybe switch to a new pharmacy.

Gotta love the garbage man. It sounds like ours are on/off the same schedule:)


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