Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Not Your Fault

As I taxi my way through your neighborhood, you can bet that I am checking out your (holiday) front door/porch decor. Stealing your ideas, making mental "do not" notes, and relishing in the fact that the holidays are here.

I love me a front door adorned with a great looking wreath.

One thing that I have concluded and don't understand is: why do you use those wreath hangers that you buy at the store that are waaaaaayyyyyy too short to hang your wreath on?! It is an injustice to not only your door, but to the wreath you are hanging on it.

I don't know why the makers of these wreath holders don't just make them an extra 8-12 inches longer.

It's Not Your Fault, People.

I know it's a quick, goto item that makes life easy. You are not to blame. But your door and your wreath would look so much better if the top of your wreath wasn't about to get smushed in the top of your door.

Now that I have a front door that I can call all my own, I have taken it upon myself to proudly do it the justice it deserves.

I found this wreath one day while surfing the net, and decided to make one myself. It took longer than expected, but I LOVE IT!

While I was hanging it on my door I pulled out the good 'ol wreath hanger that you buy at the store just to see what it would look like on my door.

And then I tossed it, pulled out my ribbon and hung it right.

Aaahhhhh, so much better!


Carpenter's said...


Taylor's said...

Love it!

Meridee said...

Amen sista! I have the same pet peeve. Your door looks fabulous.

Leanne said...

Looks great! My mom has been making wreaths since before I can remember. I'm 22 now and with each holiday brings one of her (and my) favorite wreaths. I've been conditioned, naturally, to check out the same things as you. I can be passing someone's home and if they have a wreath, the placement is the first thing that comes to mind! Yours looks wonderful!

Amy Hackworth said...

Kanani! I just found your blog when I found you on Facebook. I love your wreath. Can we have matching wreaths? What did you make it of? My porch could use a good autumn wreath.

khepworth said...

I made my wreath out of corn husks. I bought them at wally world. You can find them in the mexican food isle.


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