Friday, October 29, 2010

Inflammation Of The Wuss Gland

It seems as though a couple of our kids have come down with a case of Inflammation of the Wuss Gland.

This morning as I got Owen up to get dressed for his school Halloween Parade, he made it known that he didn't want to be a wizard anymore. Instead he wanted to be Batman. Indifferent about the fact that I stayed up the night before cutting, gluing, and sewing; the kid wanted to be Batman. He was worried that the kids would think that he looked like Santa Clause with the white beard that I made him.

Five minutes later, Isaac chimed in that he wasn't going to wear his wig (which totally makes his outfit) because of what the kids at school would say. He was supposed to be Shawn White, but opted to forgo the wig.

Owen won the battle and went against everything we believe and and got out his Batman dress-ups.


Later that night was our ward trunk-er-treat. I had asked Isaac repeatedly to come in from playing football and get his costume on so we could go. Owen still didn't want to be a wizard and was going to go as Batman. Except he left his outfit at school...... In a frenzy, he declared that he would not go as the wizard. Hearing me say that I am leaving Isaac at home because he still hadn't come in from playing football; Owen states, that he will go as Shawn White. At this point I could care less who he goes as and I let him put on Isaac's Shawn White costume. As we are getting into the car Isaac runs out saying, "Hey, why is Owen wearing my costume!" I told him it was too bad he chose not to listen, and told him to put on the wizard costume. He wouldn't, and ended up not wearing a costume at all. All in a huff we made it to the trunk-er-treat, where when we got out of the car Owen decides to take off the wig, hat, and goggles. He's too embarrassed.

WHAT! Oh no you don't. You put everything back on right now!

He wouldn't do it. I was so done with all the wussiness, that I told the boys to stay in the car. Kurt calmed the fumes and it was what it was.

The weirdest Halloween ever-all because our kids caught a case of Inflammation of the Wuss Gland.

Since when did they start caring what other people think?

A Hallow's Eve Sunset

At the trunk-er-treat

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