Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Dude

He is known as the "Little Dude" at our house, and he is the sweetest bebe' ever.
I caught some of his first smiles on camera. I kept asking him what color his eyes were and he kept smiling at me. We still don't know his eye color yet. Still has the baby grays. We're hoping for blue though.
He has found that his fingers make for a great sucking device. He just started doing this. It's pretty cute, but I will be breaking this habbit asap.
We had his baby blessing on Sunday, Nov. 1. It was a great day.
Man, he was ticked!
Kurt and his Momma.


Meridee said...

He is so cute.

Carpenter's said...

He is too cute!! Thanks for the pics :)

Brittney said...

The little finger sucking pic is so precious. It's so nice to see someone else has cute little bald babies as well-I love them little baldies! :)

The Kraus House said...

Another handsome little devil! Hopefully emphsasis not on the devil part, at least not yet. Kanani look loo amazing you brat.

much luv to the heps!

Danielle said...

so cute. . .kinda crazy that you have four kids eh?

The Haley Family said...

Congrats on the baby! I love his name and he is totally adorable! I lost your blog address but so glad I found it again! Hoep a house full of boys is going well for you! :)


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