Friday, October 30, 2009

Feed the Need

I don't know what it is, but I always feel that I "need" to make my boys' school teachers a little something for every holiday that there is. Maybe it's because I feel sorry for them that the focus is always on the kids, or maybe I think if I make them something they will give my child some extra attention. 'Er maybe it's something I've set myself up for. I want to do something nice, and feel that if I don't I've let myself down.

Needless to say, as much as I try to involve my kids in the process, it usually ends up being me doing the whole thing by myself. They just slap their name on it, and call it good.

This year, I found the biggest most beautiful apples ever. So I had to do caramel apples.

I dipped them in caramel, then rolled them in crushed Heath candybars, then drizzled chocolate over them. It's harder than you'd think to drizzle chocolate over them. Trying to keep the chocolate thin and runny was a problem. Anyone know of any tricks?

Of course I had to dress them up in cellophane and a bow. Not only to add to it, but it took away from any imperfections, i.e. drizzled chocolate blobs.

And I couldn't stop there. Oh no, I had to package the already packaged package. It's supposed to be a broom. The stick is the handle, the shredded paper bag is the end of the broom. Get it.

Regardless of what need I am trying to fulfill, it's one more thing I can check off my to-do list.


Lori Ann said...

Really cute! I love the broom bags. I'm sure the boys teachers enjoy your presents. This makes me want to make caramel apples.
A couple of things to try with the chocolate: put it in a baggie and cut off the corner then drizzle away! It's faster then using a spoon so the chocolate stays the right consistency longer. I have a small bottle (kind of like a mini ketchup bottle) that I use that works really well, but I wouldn't know where to tell you to find one. Also, I'm not sure what kind of chocolate you used, but I have a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips and a teaspoon of shortening. That mixture works pretty well and I am able to drizzle it on the cookies without having to reheat it.

The Clark said...

ummm, martha stewart on speed!!

can i be your kids teacher?

khepworth said...

Lori: thanks for the tip. I am making more tomorrow and wanted to know-do you melt the choc. chips and shortening right in the baggie?

Meridee said...

You are oh so crafty! I'm impressed.

khepworth said...

So I melted the choc. chips right in the baggie, snipped the end, and it worked like a charm! THanks for the tip Lori Ann.

Lori Ann said...

Sorry I left you hanging. I really need to remember to check the email follow up comments to box so that doesn't happen. I'm glad that it worked for you. I've never tried melting it in the baggie because I use my little bottle usually, but I might try that next time because it's always a little messy to transfer it. I've been craving caramel apples ever since I read this post and I can't make them until next Monday (I'm not at home right now). Darn you!

Leese said...

absolutely love the broom bags! you are way too creative! and the apples looked fabulous! just might have to give those a try!


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