Monday, October 5, 2009

What a crappy morning

Agenda for the morning:
1. get ready for the day-semi check. I was dressed, had on yesterday's makeup, and got my teeth brushed.
2. bathe the baby/feed the baby-no check. Dirty baby. Crying baby.
3. bathe Gavin/brush and floss teeth extra good-semi check. Got bathed.
4. be to the dentist for Gavin's appointment by 10:30-no check. 25 minutes late.

Gavin=crankbot x's 1000. That's worse than 100.
Got a call from the school telling me that Isaac just threw up all over the floor in the Principal's Office and that I needed to come pick him up. Sweet. Definitely not on my morning agenda.
Eli=not happy being hungry and dirty.
Could I look or be dressed any uglier than I was today?
Will I ever be on time for anything?


Clinton and Jessica said...

not a good start huh...I'm sure you made the best of it! good luck the rest of the week.

Meridee said...

Was is Monday? I'm sure you still looked fabuloso!


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