Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer Lovin'

This one's for the record.

We bought one of those above ground pools this summer. The boys loved it!

After swimming, a game of "bum-cheeks" is always welcomed. (Basically do a sit on the tramp and look at the shape your wet bum makes......ooohhhhh so funny if you're a boy and you live at our house.)

We finally could afford and purchased our first grill! It's about time! We've enjoyed it immensly.
After a good burger, we hauled the t.v. outside for a little movie action. It was the perfect night.The boys in their rocket box.

We headed to Sundance for our family reunion.

We spent one day in Park City. Playing kickball with everyone was a highlight.
Riding the slide. G'ma & G'pa K.

1 comment:

Meridee said...

Good times! Your parents look great.


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